14. July 2014       OpenCV, Algorithms, Reddit

This was a request from /r/computervision. A reddit member was asking on how to count number of eggs on quite noisy image like you may see below. I’ve decided to write a simple algorithm that does the job and explain how it works.


 05. July 2014       News, Computer Vision Digest

This is a second issue of monthly computer vision digest - a list things that you don’t wanna miss, a list of what happened in computer vision in June 2014.

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 20. May 2014       OpenCV, Cloud computing, Tutorials

In this post I’ll show you how you can train cascade classifier with OpenCV very quickly even if you have low-end hardware using virtual machine in the cloud.

 03. April 2014       OpenCV, Algorithms

A new version of KAZE and AKAZE features is a good candidate to become a part of OpenCV. So i decided to update KAZE port i made a while ago with a new version of these features and finally make a pull request to make it a part of OpenCV.

 16. March 2014       OpenCV

Perhaps, someone may find this post provocative or offensive. But in fact it’s not. Very often i receive offers from all kind of CXX (CEO, CTO, COO, C-bla-bla-bla) that can be formulated like “We want to build product X using OpenCV”. What’s wrong with you guys? OpenCV is not a panacea. In this post i’ll try to reveal this myth.

 23. February 2014       Tutorials, Cloudcv, Node.js

In this post i will show you how i implemented continuous integration and testing in my CloudCV project. Healthy unit tests and easy and continuous integration workflow is a must in any project goes beyound “Hello, world” application. Today software is a mixture of technologies of all kind. Therefore it can break literally everywhere. Each integration point is a place of risk. The CloudCV has a C++ backend that is using OpenCV library, it’s front-end is written in Node.js, they both using V8 JavaScript engine and libuv library to execute jobs asynchronously. Below you’ll find a solution how i implemented CI and unit testing for this project.