A new version of KAZE and AKAZE features is a good candidate to become a part of OpenCV. So i decided to update KAZE port i made a while ago with a new version of these features and finally make a pull request to make it a part of OpenCV.

 16. March 2014       OpenCV

Perhaps, someone may find this post provocative or offensive. But in fact it’s not. Very often i receive offers from all kind of CXX (CEO, CTO, COO, C-bla-bla-bla) that can be formulated like “We want to build product X using OpenCV”. What’s wrong with you guys? OpenCV is not a panacea. In this post i’ll try to reveal this myth.

In this post i will show you how i implemented continuous integration and testing in my CloudCV project. Healthy unit tests and easy and continuous integration workflow is a must in any project goes beyound “Hello, world” application. Today software is a mixture of technologies of all kind. Therefore it can break literally everywhere. Each integration point is a place of risk. The CloudCV has a C++ backend that is using OpenCV library, it’s front-end is written in Node.js, they both using V8 JavaScript engine and libuv library to execute jobs asynchronously. Below you’ll find a solution how i implemented CI and unit testing for this project.

I welcome you at my new blog home! After using Wordpress for three years of bloging i decided that i’m unhappy with this blog engine. Personally, i wanted something more “geeky”, if you know what i mean. Wordpress is like a “click to win” - it offers a lot, but keeps you in strict sandbox called Wordpress API. But first of all - it’s too slow as a blogging platform for one people.

Computer Vision Talks is not updates daile or even weekly (I wish i could have enough time to write posts!). So for me it was very wierd to experience 2-3-5 seconds of loading a single page. Don’t get me wrong - my hosting is fine. Making a dozens of SQL requests to render a single HTML page? It’s wrong by design. So i came to a decision to use static-site generator. Geeeky enough, isn’t it? First, i’ve heard about Jekyl from a Radio-T podcast. I’m a big fan of it and there i heard about Octopress. It looked nice but outdated and has small community. After a while i found Wintersmith - amazing tool for static blogging.

The new site look is still not final, so it appearance is about to change slightly from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading it. And I hope i’ll now have more time to write interesting articles!

 17. October 2013       OpenCV, Books

Instant OpenCV for iOS

A new book from authors of OpenCV targeted on iOS development using OpenCV.

  • Learn something new instantly. A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Build and run your OpenCV code on iOS
  • Become familiar with iOS fundamentals and make your application interact with the GUI, camera, and gallery
  • Build your library of computer vision effects, including photo and video filters
You can buy [Instant OpenCV for iOS]from Packtpub.

Meanwhile, after watching this brilliant talk of the Alexander Soloviov on “Functional Reactive Programming and Closure Script” i decided to study Functional Programming. Fortunately, there was a active course Functional Programming Principles in Scala.

My first impressions on Scala is… it’s fun! Thinking in functional programming paradigm makes you think different about your objects and their connection to each other. And i’m curious how Scala can be used for solving main computer vision problems. I will try to write marker detection algorithm in Scala for curiosity. PS: My russian-speaking readers can watch the inspirational talk on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4sTvHXkToQ.

Hey everyone! I continue to play with clouds and today it’s time to reveal the CloudCV - a cloud-based image processing project. Based on my previous posts i host a server in the Digital Ocean’s cloud. I have to say, everything is working like a charm. The cheapest 5$/month plan gives me whatever i may need for this project. All the source-code is already sits on Github and you are more than welcome to study it. This is my goal - to share the experience. So i’m looking forward to see you in the comments!

CloudCV - Cloud image processing platform

Inside of this post you’ll find the detailed instructions how to deploy the Node.js and OpenCV in your personal cloud.