Success-story: Fueling ARBasketball up with NEON

img.pull-left.img-thumbnail(src=“arbasketball-logo.jpg”,alt=“ARBasketball”) p ARBasketball was one of the first augmented reality-based games in App Store. It has been published in 2010. In these days not many people have even heard about AR. I mean it wasn’t so popular as it became now. But there were people who saw the great potential in this growing market. One of them was Konstantin Tarovik, the author of ARBasketball. I must confess - I saw this application before, but had no idea it’s author lives in Ukraine, and in the same city as I am!

Maximizing performance of CV_BGRA2GRAY conversion using NEON and cv::parallel_for

I continue playing with powerful NEON engine in iPhone and iPad devices. Recently i bought iPhone 4S that replaced my HTC Mozart and i decided to check how to speed up BGRA to GRAY color conversion procedure using multithreading. Recently Itseez announced a minor release of OpenCV 2.4.3 with a lot of new major features: Added universal parallel_for implementation using various backends: TBB, OpenMP, GCD, Concurrency Improved OpenCV Manager, new Java samples framework, better camera support on Android, opencv2.

A very fast BGRA to Grayscale conversion on Iphone

Almost all image processing algorithms uses gray scale images as input source. But almost all hardware video sources provide frames in RGB/BGR(A) formats. So gray scale conversion is very popular operation. Although it’s expensive enough to cause CPU-bound bottlenecks while running on mobile processors. In this post i will show you how to use ARM NEON intrinsic to get significant performance boost of BGRA to GRAY conversion. Color representation Pixel color can be presented in different ways.