Maximizing performance of CV_BGRA2GRAY conversion using NEON and cv::parallel_for

I continue playing with powerful NEON engine in iPhone and iPad devices. Recently i bought iPhone 4S that replaced my HTC Mozart and i decided to check how to speed up BGRA to GRAY color conversion procedure using multithreading. Recently Itseez announced a minor release of OpenCV 2.4.3 with a lot of new major features: Added universal parallel_for implementation using various backends: TBB, OpenMP, GCD, Concurrency Improved OpenCV Manager, new Java samples framework, better camera support on Android, opencv2.

Markerless Augmented Reality on iPhone

Hello everyone! Today i want to share my results in research of markerless augmented reality. The main idea - do fast and quality AR without those damn markers and give the ability to use real object as a target. Markerless augmented reality is very similar to marker-based systems like ARToolkit with one major difference - such technology use real object as a target for augmentation. It can be almost any kind of objects - photos, logos, beer bottle or Cola can.