On migrating from Wordpress to Wintersmith

p | I welcome you at my new blog home! After using Wordpress for three years of bloging i decided that i’m unhappy with this blog engine. | Personally, i wanted something more “geeky”, if you know what i mean. Wordpress is like a “click to win” - it offers a lot, but keeps you | in strict sandbox called Wordpress API. But first of all - it’s too slow as a blogging platform for one people.

p | Computer Vision Talks is not updates daile or even weekly (I wish i could have enough time to write posts!). So for me it was very wierd to experience 2-3-5 seconds | of loading a single page. Don’t get me wrong - my hosting is fine. Making a dozens of SQL requests to render a single HTML page? It’s wrong by design. So i came to a decision | to use static-site generator. Geeeky enough, isn’t it? First, i’ve heard about Jekyl from a Radio-T podcast. I’m a big fan of it and there i heard about Octopress. It looked nice | but outdated and has small community. After a while i found Wintersmith - amazing tool for static blogging.

p | The new site look is still not final, so it appearance is about to change slightly from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading it. | And I hope i’ll now have more time to write interesting articles!

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About Eugene Khvedchenya
Eugene Khvedchenya is a computer vision developer skilled in high-performance image processing. In his spare time he loves to share his knowledge and thoughts about computer vision and augmented reality
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