A few thoughts about cvRound

During writing commercial iPhone app for one of my customers i noticed really strange slowdown in Surf descriptors. Cutting a long story shorter - while matching two frames usign SURF algorithm more than half of overall time (4, FOUR seconds!) was spent in cvRound function! Read more to know what it was and how did i fixed it. I noticed that matching takes a while and decided to dug into profiler. When i saw the results i was a bit surprised.


OpenCV iOS FAQ This FAQ contains answers to numerous similar questions I was asked after my posts about using OpenCV with iOS SDK. Step by step OpenCV Tutorial OpenCV Tutorial is a sample demonstration project for iOS devices that main goal is to show how to use OpenCV library in XCOde projects to write image processing code for iPhone and iPad devices. There are several step-by-step guides where i describe in details all development process.

Image processing & cloud computing - Architecture overview

This post will be devoted to high level architecture overview. For newcomers - I’m creating face recognition demo application that will work in the cloud environment and all algorithmic stuff will be written in native C++ code (with help of OpenCV and boost libraries). Under the hood - detailed application architecture overview and diagrams. **FaceRecognitionCloudApp **- is a demonstration project written in combination of C++ and C# languages. It has two challenging objectives:

Image processing & cloud computing – choose the right Cloud

So as i’ve promised – here is first part of my deep dive into cloud computing. Let’s me to remind you why it does matter: Mobile devices has limited computation power. You cannot do heavy calculations on mobile CPU Similar situation with desktop computers – there are always a lot of heavy calculations even for quad cores Doing server-side calculations decrease complexity of the client application. If you have to support a lot of platforms it’s a killer feature Why cloud computing instead of my own server?

Image processing & cloud computing

It’s time to write something interesting. Today I will begin a series of articles on the development of a system of identification of human faces in the cloud. During development, I will describe the key points, details and aspects of running image processing algorithms in the cloud environment. During development face identification system will be created. It has no commercial purpose so don’t expect it will be robust enough :) I create it just for fun, so there are no time plans for this project.

Building OpenCV for iPhone in one click


My first post in this blog was about building OpenCV for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on). But the build process that i used is not trivial at all. I received a lot of feedbacks and questions about building OpenCV, setting up XCode build environment. Today i made your life much easier. I have a gift - a build script, which will **build OpenCV **library for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other iOS based Apple device right in one click! Update = Now build script supports XCode 4 and iOS 4.3 SDK Sounds cool, yeah? Well, It’s all true. Actually, my script does exactly the same things as i mentioned in original article. But without user interaction.