KAZE 1.5.1


This post is outdated.

Please, visit updated post: Integration of KAZE 1.6 in OpenCV

A new version of KAZE features has been integrated my private fork of OpenCV (You can find it’s here: We’re on the way to make pull-request and integrate KAZE features to official OpenCV repository.

There only few things are left:

  • Include KAZE into features2d unit tests.
  • Rewrite KAZE to support OpenCV threading API.
  • Expose adjustable parameters of KAZE algorithm.
  • Do code cleanup and documentation for pull request.

I think we (Pablo, KAZE author) and me complete these steps in a near future. During our hard work you can enjoy these nice charts that shows how awesome KAZE features are:

/2013-06-17-kaze-1-5-1/chart_1.png /2013-06-17-kaze-1-5-1/chart_1-1.png