Future of the Augmented Reality


Augmented reality technology grows rapidly for last two years. The huge potential this technology has not fully revealed. In the near future we expect appearance of large number of companies seeking to take a a new area in the market. More and more quality and exciting applications of augmented reality will appear. Want to know why?

Statistics of search queries for “Augmented Reality” gives eloquent testimony about the growing interest for this technology. For two years the Augmented Reality has become profitable. A lot of AR-advertisement, navigations, entertainment applications has been developed.


##Google search volume for “Augmented Reality”

Currently, most of the applications augmented reality systems uses markers. This method is simple and primitive, but it works and makes profit. However, over time,requirements for augmented reality systems will increase and marker-based AR will lose its market share.


##Top regions for “Augmented Reality” keyword search

The development of markerless AR systems hinders greater complexity of their creation. It takes time to find new algorithms, optimization of the old solutions - in fact augmented reality involves work in real time. This means the system should process huge amount of incoming information from webcams and make rendering just for 20-30 milliseconds!


##Top cities for “Augmented Reality” keyword search

Already there are applications augmented reality systems for mobile platforms. With the development of mobile processors (especially with the release of dual-core mobile processors) market share of the augmented reality systems in mobile segment will significantly increase.


##Language distribution for “Augmented Reality” searches across the world

Scenarios for using augmented reality are truly endless. Only imagination and your knowledge in the computer vision determine how amazing applications you can create.